How Can Bill Belichick And The Patriots Get Back on Top?


Rowan Silva, Journalist

Just a few years after the last of the New England Patriots recent success, winning 6 Super Bowls in the span of 20 years, they find themselves in a hole that they need to be dug out of. After losing the greatest player of all time, quarterback Tom Brady, a few years ago, they look to find a way to climb back to the top of the league standings, after not making the playoffs this past season for the first time since 2008. 

The Patriots will need to make a lot of adjustments this offseason to bring their team back to how they were. The biggest one being the need for a new quarterback. After losing all-time great Tom Brady a few seasons ago, the Patriots picked up Cam Newton, who was previously with the Carolina Panthers. Newton struggled quite a lot this past season, and it looks like the Patriots will be interested in either drafting a new quarterback, or potentially signing or trading for one. 

For the other Boston sports teams, the Celtics and Red Sox stand in similar positions as the Patriots. The Bruins, who by far look the best out of all of them, look good right now, and are currently a top three team in the NHL, led by their outstanding first line of David Pastrnak, Brad Marchand, and Patrice Bergeron. But the Red Sox and Celtics on the other hand, stand in a similar position as the Patriots, requiring some more depth and skill to get back on top.

I interviewed fellow classmate, Egan Davidson, and got his opinion on the whole situation. Egan is a big Boston sports fan. “I would say my favorite team to watch is the Bruins, but the Patriots are a close second.” I asked him what he thought the Patriots need to do this offseason, and his response was similar to mine. “I think they need to start off with a quarterback. There are some good ones in the draft, so hopefully they can get one. Another need is a receiver, and luckily there are some good receiver free agents like Juju smith-Schuster of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and TY Hilton of the Indianapolis Colts.” 

I also interviewed gym teacher, Gardy O’Flynn about his thoughts on this topic. Gardy is also a big Boston sports fan, and he enjoys watching every Boston sports team, but his favorite team to watch would have to be the Patriots. When I asked him about what he thinks the Patriots need to do to get back to the top of the league, his response was similar to Egan’s. “I think that the Patriots need to find a new roster, starting with a quarterback that is healthy, and can understand the system. The Patriots also need more help on defense, and other offensive positions.” After losing Tom Brady, that really put a halt to the Patriot’s success. “Tom Brady and Bill Belichick’s ability to work together collaboratively, and staying on the same page in their system was definitely the main key in the success of the Patriots.” 

Obviously, it will be hard for the Patriots to match their success the past 20 years, and get back on the winning path. Although, if they are able to pick up more weapons, and players as well as the Celtics and the Red Sox, then they will have a chance to match their success, and get back to the top of the league.