The NFL and Marijuana

Recently, there has been a lot of debate whether the NFL should test for marijuana and continue to have it on the “Banned substance list. As you know, marijuana is becoming more and more legal whether in medicinal or for recreational use. After this past NFL season, even more questions were raised after the two Super Bowl teams (Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks) were the teams of the only two states to legalize medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. Adding to that, three or more players from each of these two teams were suspended or fined for the use of the banned substance in the same season (2013-2014).

Pittsburg Steelers safety Ryan Clarke expressed his opinion on Sportscenter just the other day. “From personal experience I think medicinal marijuana should be allowed in the NFL because what’s the difference between Marijuana or taking a vicodon?” I personally agree with what Ryan Clarke has to say just because you hear stories of people and athletes getting addicted to pain killers like vicodon, oxy, ect. What’s the difference between those pain killers and marijuana, they can both be addictive, and harmful to you if used without moderation. But at the same time it can also help you relieve pain or in some cases the stress.

I interviewed fellow classmate John Kallas. I asked him whether he supports medical marijuana in the NFL he said this “I mean if doctors say that marijuana will help them just like these other pain killers you see out there, then why not let them have it. Everything else you take to relieve pain is a drug just like marijuana so what’s the difference.” On the other side of things though, I can see why medical marijuana isn’t allowed due to the fact that some players will take advantage of it. I also feel that the players of the NFL will get themselves into trouble with it. Coming from the fact that more than 33% of them have run into legal problems regarding marijuana and other drugs.

I do not think the NFL is ready or mature enough for marijuana to be allowed for recreational use. I also interview John in the front office, I asked him how he felt about marijuana in the NFL. He says “If it is absolutely needed, then I understand. But if the player wants it just for recreational use and to just get high then it should be treated like a drug and that should not be allowed”. Another question I asked John was, do you think the NFL will ever be ready for the use of medical and recreational marijuana; he had this to say..”maybe once these players that are now coming into the league have matured, then I think it could happen, otherwise not a chance”