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Fiddler on the Stage

Fiddler on the Stage

March 31, 2016

Benefits of Art

Matt Gilligan

March 29, 2016

Art is a school subject that is widely overlooked across the country. Every year in public schools the number of students enrolled in art classes is lowered. The subject is becoming less popular, and some students here at Ipswi...

The Effects of Video Games on the Human Psyche

Brian Silva, Journalist

March 1, 2016

Many people have opinions on the effects of video games on the human psyche; most of which are assuming and often demonizing games.     I interviewed people with experience in games, two seniors and a teacher. Senior Kristoff Robson juggles, “around 4 or 5 games” at a time; most of which are...

Strut your Stuff

November 23, 2015

She’s Just Being Miley

She’s Just Being Miley

October 14, 2015

Beast Coast Rap

Beast Coast Rap

April 16, 2015

Preview of the Tiger Transcript

Zachary Eliopoulos

March 19, 2015

This is the first edition of the 2015 Tiger Transcript done by the seniors of the class of 2015.  A lot of interesting activities, sports and news worthy articles have occurred in this winter into early spring.   One article you will read ab...

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